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RFI (France) - December 2021

Marjorie Bertin

Radio interview of the duo by Marjorie Bertin about their latest release with Didier Jeunesse : Ma boîte à musique.
(listen replay/podcast from 44:35) (France) - October 2021

Alain Cochard

"It is hard to resist the vivacity and tenderness, as well as the relief that Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle bring to the two allegros, which they carry off with adolescent freshness. And how imaginative they are in the Adagio non troppo - an astonishing piece considering the age of its author -, knowing how to translate its rich expression and changing colours without overloading the subject. A sparkling Tsfasman as an encore prolongs the pleasure."


Frédéric Taddeï

Ludmila & Arthur are part of the TV show on Russia Today Tv channel, to present the 2nd edition of the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival

Pianiste Magazine (France) - September 2021

Sophie Perrin-Ravier

Interview with the duo in the autumn issue devoted to piano duets, on the occasion of the 2nd edition of the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival

Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Germany) - August 2021

Broadcast of the concert given at the Husum Klavierraritäten Festival on August 21st, 2021

La Lettre du Musicien (France) - August 2021

Eloïse Duval

Interview with the duo about the new National Music Centre's support for festivals

Van Magazin (Germany) - August 2021

Wendelin Bitzan

"they achieved an inspired and increasingly convincing performance. In particular, the excellent interpretation of Knight Errant, an expansive, polyphonically worked character piece with concertante features, fits perfectly in the Husum Knights' Hall. The finale (...), skilfully adapted by Arthur Ancelles, is an absolute highlight of inspired, audience-oriented music-making. (...) Soviet 'jazz' - this is not an everyday occurrence even in Husum and is enthusiastically received in the auditorium"

NPO Radio 4 (Netherlands) - July 2021

Radio broadcast of concerts given in Februari Festival July 2nd, 2021

L'Alsace (France) - June 2021

Jean-Marie Schreiber

"From the outset, Ludmila Berlinskaia and Arthur Ancelle seduced us with their virtuosity, the cleanliness of their playing, their flawless technique and their perfect harmony. Not a fraction of a second of mismatch. One had the impression of having to deal with a single performer who fully appropriated the melody and harmonisation, whatever the style of the work played."

Radio Orpheus (Russia) - March 2021

Yossi Tavor

Interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya in "Tavor v Majore" show on Radio Orpheus

Musical Life Magazine (Russia) - March 2021

Evgenia Krivitskaia

"Liszt's mighty B Minor Sonata is a serious challenge for any pianist, both in terms of dramaturgy and technology. Saint-Saëns' arrangement adds to the complexity of the ensemble interaction - a kind of "reverse translation," in which two pianos must sound like one instrument. And Berlinskaya and Ancelle coped with this task perfectly, demonstrating not only enviable virtuosity but also astonishing simultaneity in phrasing, breathing, sense of tempo and inner harmony."

The Good Life (France) - February 2021

Frédéric Hutman

"Music must humbly seek to please, extreme complication is the opposite of art." Debussy's words apply perfectly to this album, which plunges us into a nostalgic and profound universe. Far from the outdated clichés that are wrongly attributed to this music, Berlinskaïa and Ancelle enchant us.

Toute La Culture (France) - January 2021

Jean-Marie Chamouard

"Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle performed two major works from the romantic piano repertoire. The listener will have been seduced by their complicity and by their interpretation, both delicate and fiery."

Gang Flow (France) - January 2021

Anne-Sandrine di Girolamo

"The interpretation is perfectly sculpted in time, with a rich note and a worked sound (...) Everything in this duet is, indeed, at work, at the sound, and at the concern of the other. (...) Performing in a deserted hall a gambling and flamboyant nineteenth century, the duo reveals the aspirations of our time, its hopes and despairs."

Radio Vinci Autoroutes (France) - October 2020

Charlotte Latour

As part of "Itinéraires Dièse", a series of podcasts intended to accompany people's road traveling, Ludmila tells about the roots and evolution of russian music, while illustrating it right away on the piano. (France) - October 2020

Jany Campello

"A wonderful moment of sharing and joy (...) The duo Berlinskaïa - Ancelle finds its familiar marks here, speaking with mischievous joy in the first movement, tenderly exchanging themes and then singing in one voice in the admirable Andante. What a harmony of phrasing, articulation, and subtle ornament making! The Rondeau-allegro, full of character, is dashing, stylish and luminous. (...) What an amazing spectacle to see this couple of pianists enjoying this music, playing their second degree with so much spirit!" (France) - October 2020

Alain Cochard

"It was for himself and his sister Nannerl that the Salzburger composed it in 1779, a circumstance that illuminates the spirit of a delightful score, but one in which it is easy to fall into the trap of stringing pearls. No risk with the Duo Berlinskaya-Ancelle which, by the generous complicity that unites it, signs an irresistible interpretation of freshness and relief. The pianists understand that Mozart's music is a theatre scene and the two instruments of the characters dialogue with spirit, mischievousness and grace (wonderful Andante ...). Carried by the luminous direction of Lucie Leguay, their interpretation lives, bounces, with as much vitality as style in the phrasing and, above all, constant wonder. (...) It could not have been a more tasty prelude to the Concerto for Two Pianos in D minor, which Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle take on with infectious health and humor. (...) The performers remember it in a lively and farcical interpretation, though never scruffy nor sloppy." (France) - October 2020

Christian Lorandin

"What is always spectacular, listening to these two pianists, is their millimetre synchronisation, the uniqueness of musical thought. In this sense, Mozart's Concerto K. 365 is a model of exigency. The thousand pitfalls of writing for two pianos, ornaments, articulations, lines in unison or in thirds, the relay of phrases, the balance of the parts, which can only be played at the cost of very meticulous repetition, are overcome here with a confounding ease, a joy of playing, a sparkling energy. The complicity that unites Ludmila Berlinkaïa and Arthur Ancelle expresses itself, despite the different piano playing, with effervescence, humour and emotion in an interpretation with mad charm."

Le Monde (France) - October 2020

Marie-Aude Roux

"The Franco-Russian duo never stops climbing musical summits. The proud honesty of tone, the rigour of inspiration, no less than the tireless ductility of the material that their two keyboards with four hands joined together model fantastically..."

Le Figaro (France) - October 2020

Thierry Hillériteau

Announcement of Rungis Piano-Piano Festival on the front page of Le Figaro Culture !