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Musical Life Magazine (Russia) - April 2020

Pavel Levadniy

"If the Russian public previously had to be told the story of this successful "family team", now Berlinskaya and Ancelle are perceived by lovers of good music as a stable and very bright phenomenon on the world piano stage. Academism and fine taste, aristocratness and expression, as well as an impeccable "team play" ensure the duo's growing popularity (as confirmed by the full Zaryadye Hall) and take it to the top positions in the academic establishment's predilections. This creative union impresses by the complete absence of "soloist syndrome", everything is subordinate to the logic of the musical development of the performed works and to the high artistic tasks brilliantly solved by the artists. (...) Summing up my brief overview of the concert, every modern music lover looking for originality, aristocracy and a high level of performing culture, « must have » the Berlinskaya Ancelle duo in their listeners' luggage."

American Record Guide (USA) - March 2020

James Harrington

"This is one of the most enjoyable collections of music that is new to me to come my way in a long time. (...) This took me by surprise : a wonderful duo piano team with great imagination."

Fanfare (USA) - February 2020

Jim Svejda

"None of the pieces could have more enthusiastic or accomplished advocates than Ludmilla Berlinskaya and her frequent partner, the French pianist Arthur Ancelle. In addition to their superb techniques, they play with a bracing combination of refined musicality and panache, making this one of the most rewarding two-piano collections in years."

Musical Life Magazine (Russia) - February 2020

Maria Zalesskaya

"The Berlinskaya-Ancelle piano duo, founded in 2011, is now rightly appreciated all over the world. It is perhaps already impossible to imagine them "separated", outside of this unique ensemble that sounds like a whole, demonstrating not only a "sense of elbow", but a true creative unity. If you consider that Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle each have a pronounced performing personality, then such a complete dissolution of each other in the name of music can only arouse both surprise and admiration. The duo really impresses with its extraordinary purity of sound, rare even for a virtuoso - can you imagine in an ensemble ! (...) And finally, a masterfully perfected improvisation - a paradoxical formulation to characterize the Berlinskaya-Ancelle duo's interpretation of Bennett's "Entertainment for Two Pianos", a four-piece suite in jazz style. To say the truth, the album "'B' like Britain" will leave no one indifferent and will certainly convert new fans to the Franco-Russian duo."

Radio Orpheus (Russia) - February 2020

Alexander Vaskin

Ludmila Berlinskaya & Arthur Ancelle are the guests of "Evening Improvisations" on Radio Orpheus, about Valentin Berlinsky and their tour in Russia.

France Musique - February 2020

Jean-Baptiste Urbain

Ludmila & Arthur are the guests of morning show "La Matinale" 

Fanfare (USA) - February 2020

Colin Clarke

"The first, Hardanger, might seem to speak of an understandable impulse to leave Streatham for Norway, but is actually an homage to Grieg, one of Bax’s musical heroes. The sense of the dance is beautifully conveyed by Ancelle and Berlinskaya. Far more atmospheric is The Poisoned Fountain, and this is a luxurious, beautiful performance. (...)
The piano music of Britten is both under-represented and under-appreciated, so it is good to see the two pieces of his op. 23 here. The first, the “Introduction and Rondo burlesca,” is a magnificent piece, powerful in its intrinsic mastery of understatement. The performance is masterly, particularly in the faster, swirling, phantasmagoric passages. (...) Berlinskaya and Ancelle have a perfect grasp of Britten’s sound world.
The last work for piano duet by York Bowen, the Theme and Variations, is a magnificent, monumental piece. It seems to encompass worlds, and these performers present it like a slowly rotating kaleidoscope. The penultimate section, a Lento, is beautifully, suspensefully, managed before the splendid virtuosity of the finale. (...)
The recording is superb, a model of clarity and placement. We hear every detail the players want to foreground. Far cheaper than, and arguably preferable to, a transatlantic ticket, this is a warm-hearted tribute to the Scepter’d Isle by a Russian and a French pianist."

The Arts Desk (UK) - January 2020

Graham Rickson

"The big moments have terrific impact (check out the bell sounds in the mazurka), each chord impeccably balanced. (...) You have to marvel at a Russian-French piano duo exhuming such neglected repertoire, and performing it with such authority and affection."

Artamag' (France) - December 2019

Jean-Charles Hoffelé

"Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle choose the Second Suite and play it very Russian, deep into the keyboards, savouring the popular hues of the Alla Marcia, singing with a somewhat nostalgic fantasy the cantabile sections of the Waltz (which they play swift like Vronsky and Babin, but with a darker sound, a matter of touch), and leading the Romance like a ballet number."

Artamag' (France) - December 2019

Jean-Charles Hoffelé

"A hair-raising journey that began in Arnold Bax's landscapes of moors and legends with three magical opuses (The Poisoned Fountain is fascinating, another ravelian Ondine, as it were), continued in Britten's fancy way throughout the two parts of his Opus 23, before the unknown masterpiece of the vast Theme and Variations by York Bowen, visionary composer and concert artist of genius, the English Busoni no less. Op. 139 (1951) is his final work for two pianos, lyrical, intense, superbly written to make the instruments sound like one world."

Gramophone (UK) - December 2019

Jeremy Nicholas

"York Bowen’s Theme and Variations (1951) is a revelation and, arguably, the best-written piece here. Whereas the others you can imagine in orchestral garbs, this is piano qua piano. Berlinskaya and Ancelle play the theme, its nine variations and ‘interlude’ superbly – and their dispatch of the exhilarating con fuoco finale will give you goosebumps. Their ensemble and sensitive phrasing throughout the disc are remarkable. Here, they are outstanding."

Libération (France) - December 2019

Guillaume Tion

Libération's favorite albums of the year :
"Year after year, from record to record, these two become the stars of the original and explosive piano duets. (...) B Like Britain, which compiles pieces by 20th-century composers whose initials stand for a B (Arnold Bax, Benjamin Britten, York Bowen, Richard Rodney Bennett), is listened to with gawping ears." (France) - December 2019

Simon Corley

"Adding a wonderful sense of understatement to their customary technical and artistic qualities, the two pianists magnify this often delicious music." (Russia) - December 2019

Tatyana Plyushchay

A long interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya for Russian famous web magazine

Classica (France) - December 2019

Romaric Gergorin

"Two is better.
Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle have announced the "color" of the Piano Piano Festival and it is blazing. We look forward to next year to enjoy more piano duets !"

Musicweb-international (UK) - November 2019

Nick Barnard

"All four composers were very considerable concert-standard pianists in their own right; this is reflected in the brilliance of their keyboard writing and the high level of virtuosity it demands. In this regard Berlinskaya and Ancelle are quite superb. The unanimity of their playing is flawless not just technically but expressively. (...)
But it is musically where this disc triumphs, with breathtaking interpretations of all the repertoire on offer – the familiar and the less so. A strong Record of the Year contender."

Fanfare (USA) - November 2019

Peter J. Rabinowitz

This exceptional wife-husband team made a strong impression with a Saint-Saëns/Liszt program earlier this year and they’re even more impressive on this new release, titled Russian Last Romantics. Vitality is the key ingredient here—a vitality created through sharp articulation, crisp rhythms (with especially punchy treatment of syncopations), lucid textures, confident technical dexterity, a clear sense of the music’s throughline, and (most of all) an evident delight in both the music and the act of performance. (...)
Conclusion? You’re unlikely to come across a more committed reading of the Glazunov than this one; and the Medtner makes a significant contribution to its still-sparse representation in the catalog. As for the Rachmaninoff: This is much more contested repertoire, and Berlinskaya and Ancelle doesn’t manage to wrest first place from Argerich/Freire and Ashkenazy/Previn; still, they hold their own against the rest of the competition. (...) Worth your attention.

Pizzicato (Luxemburg) - October 2019

Remy Franck

"Without exception, we hear technically superior interpretations that are also musically convincing, since Ancelle and Berlinskaya characterize the music perfectly. (...) And so this is an inspiring CD that can only be recommended."

France Musique (France) - October 2019

Philippe Cassard

Philippe Cassard dedicates 1 whole hour to Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle in his show "Portraits de famille" on Piano Duos :
"a fascinating duo, by the range of the repertoire they approach, by the way they perform it, and by their very personality, I am talking about Arthur Ancelle and Ludmila Berlinskaïa (...) a radiant success in all respects! (...) beautiful of intelligence, subtlety, sensitivity, brio, so many ideas, so mnay colors! Indispensable!"

Musical Life Magazine (Russia) - September 2019

Evgenia Krivitskaya

Interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya regarding the festival "La Clé des Portes"