All the Press

Akadem (France) - May 2022

Frédéric Hutman

Frédéric Hutman video interviews Ludmila Berlinskaya for Akadem, about Gershwin / Tsfasman and Vronsky / Babin

Pianiste Magazine (France) - September 2021

Sophie Perrin-Ravier

Interview with the duo in the autumn issue devoted to piano duets, on the occasion of the 2nd edition of the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival

La Lettre du Musicien (France) - August 2021

Eloïse Duval

Interview with the duo about the new National Music Centre's support for festivals

Gang Flow (France) - September 2020

Anne-Sandrine di Girolamo

Video interview about the Piano Duo genre, at the occasion of the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival

Toute la Culture (France) - September 2020

Yaël Hirsch

Interview of Ludmila and Arthur as an announcement for the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival

Singulars (France) - September 2020

Olivier Olgan

Reading notebook on the occasion of the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival

Le Parisien (France) - September 2020

Marine Legrand

Le Parisien devotes its front page of the Val de Marne edition to the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival with an interview of Ludmila & Arthur


Evgenia Krivitskaya

Interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya about La Clé des Portes Festival

Classical music news (Russia) - February 2020

Alexey Shulgin

Interview of Arthur Ancelle :"What drives me ? Love" (Russia) - December 2019

Tatyana Plyushchay

A long interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya for Russian famous web magazine

Musical Life Magazine (Russia) - September 2019

Evgenia Krivitskaya

Interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya regarding the festival "La Clé des Portes"

Classica (France) - June 2019

Olivier Bellamy

A 4 pages long report by renowned journalist Olivier Bellamy after he spent a few days in Moscow with Ludmila and Arthur ; the report is focused on Ludmila's relationship with Sviatoslav Richter

Paris Capitale (France) - February 2019

Michel Doussot

An interview of the Duo in one of Paris' most fashionable magazines

Toute La Culture (France) - October 2018

Yaël Hirsch

Interview of the Duo about "Belle Epoque", by Yaël Hirsch

Kanal Kultura (Russia) - September 2018


Interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya about her participation as a jury to Kultura's new program :"Quartet 4X4"

Pianiste (France) - August 2018

Elsa Fottorino

Interview of the Duo by Elsa Fottorino


Tanya Levy

A long interview with the Duo on various topics


Irina Shymchak

A long interview in Russian for Piano Forum

Point de Vue - February 2017

Pauline Sommelet

The famous French magazine dedicated to royal families interviews the duo at the occasion of their Liszt album


Lorenzo Ciavarini Azzi

Smooth interview of the duo by Lorenzo Ciavarini Azzi about the Liszt album