La Croix (France) - November 2018

Emmanuelle Giuliani

Interview and presentation of recent album and upcoming concert in French newspaper La Croix

Lark Reviews (UK) - November 2018

Lark Reviews

"Reynaldo Hahn’s Le seul amour is intensely beautiful, but surrounded by equally compelling pieces. A lovely disc."

France Musique - November 2018

Lionel Esparza

Lionel Esparza and his guests discuss the latest album release with a cocktail at the Hotel Bedford in Paris for France Musique's "Classic Club"

Classica (France) - November 2018

Jacques Bonnaure

"Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle are models of precision and charm, with a sense of looseness, fluidity, and flexibility of timbre perfectly adapted to this extremely rich program"

Toute La Culture (France) - October 2018

Yaël Hirsch

Interview of the Duo about "Belle Epoque", by Yaël Hirsch

Radio RCF - October 2018

Bernard Niedda

Bernard Niedda interviews the Duo about "Belle Epoque"

France Musique - October 2018

Clément Rochefort

Ludmila Berlinskaya & Arthur Ancelle perform live on France Musique some excerpts of their "Belle Epoque" album, as part of the "Générations France Musique" show.

Piano Forum (Russia) - October 2018

Anna Vinogradova

"the exceptional level of interpretation and the irreproachable musical taste of the pianist do not spoil the integrity of the image: they "color" it more (...) We also want to emphasize the flexibility and the naturalness of the phrasing, the attention paid to the silences that allow the entire musical fabric to "breathe", subtly highlighting the individuality of each new theme and its smallest changes, as well as the keen attention of the pianist brought to polyphony. (...) The second solo album of Arthur Ancelle, monographic this time, clearly pursues the line of research he started with the Ballades de Chopin and the works of Dutilleux (2015), and demonstrates the maturity and depth of a musician of great intelligence and brilliant humor."

Radio Vinci Autoroute - October 2018

Charlotte Latour

Charlotte Latour interviews the Duo about their "Belle Epoque" album

American Record Guide (USA) - September/October 2018

Bruno Repp

"These performances are unusual but brilliant and highly entertaining. (...) In recent reviews I expressed some reservations about repeats and ornaments in Haydn and Mozart, but such qualms evaporate in view of Ancelle’s spiritedness and invention. (...) It is remarkable how resilient Haydn’s music is to such an approach. This reveals much about its character, the full extent of which has perhaps been hidden up to now. (...) This French pianist plays with splendid technique (...) I look forward to the next adventure of this audacious artist."

Crescendo (Belgium) - September 2018

Jean-Marie André

"she offers that clear and tasty sound, a subtle game of pedals and perfect breathing, essential qualities in this repertoire (...) this is a "devilishly" interesting record to discover"


Alina Artes

Ludmila Berlinskaya is interviewed about the new TV show, "Quartet 4x4", for which she is part of the jury


Portraits de famille

Philippe Cassard is enthusiastic about Arthur Ancelle's Haydn : « It had been a long time since I had not heard Haydn played this way ... A voluble, sparkling, fine, extremely lively and mobile playing, we let ourselves be carried away by this intoxication of the arabesque, of the unexpected, it really is theater here, and this way he has, full of irony, to bring out characters, with the bend of an accent or a silence … »

Kanal Kultura (Russia) - September 2018


Interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya about her participation as a jury to Kultura's new program :"Quartet 4X4"

Bachtrack - September 2018

Jean Landras

"Sometimes united as a single performer, sometimes dialoguing and bringing a certain relief to the ensemble, the two pianists offer a rich palette of effects, thanks first of all to the mastery of nuances: pianissimos set so that the addition of two keyboards do not sound louder than one; fortissimos, on the contrary, of an impressive power." ★★★★★

Pianiste (France) - August 2018

Elsa Fottorino

Interview of the Duo by Elsa Fottorino

American Record Guide (USA) - July/August 2018

Sang Woo Kang

"Berlinskaya is at her best, with vibrant, spontaneous, and enchanting playing."

Fanfare (USA) - July 2018

Myron Silberstein

"Berlinskaya has a strong musical personality, supported by a technique that can execute any expressive choice she desires and an artistic maturity that refines her bold musical instincts. (...) she is a true pianistic personality: technically superb, artistically mature, consistently expressive, and subtly unique. I look forward to becoming increasingly familiar with her work. (...) Highly recommended."


Classic Club

Who better than Haydn can celebrate music on June 21st ?


Benedict Hevry

« Nikolai Medtner’s tenth sonata here in a sumptuous interpretation (...) A Ravel of a very original conception, imagined far from the standards and the superficial, a little worn, "French" clichés (...) the course of Kreisleiriana , alternately carried away without haste, or meditative without being sickly, rarely seemed so narrative, elliptical and precisely tortuous at the same time in its psychological and musical labyrinth: the interpreter seems, even more here, to take the listener by the hand and guide him step by step in an inner journey with multiple intertwining, for a meditative or painful journey from which no one will come out unscathed. For this disturbingly strange vision (to quote Freud about Hoffmann's Tales), this wonderful recital alone deserves to be acquired, and will enable many music lovers to discover an eminent and endearing pianist who, by her musical destiny and aesthetic bets succeeded - and how! - to give herself a name. »