Musical Life Magazine (Russia) - September 2019

Evgenia Krivitskaya

Interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya regarding the festival "La Clé des Portes"

American Record Guide (USA) - September/October 2019

James Harrington

"This is a great collection of Russian two-piano music, expertly played. (...) Berlinskaya and Ancelle have impressed me before, here their abilities shine even brighter. Booklet notes are good, sound is great, and the performance are first class"

Fanfare (USA) - July/August 2019

Colin Clarke

"The standard of pianism, from both of our intrepid protagonists, is very much of the highest echelon (...) In this flawless performance, much of the more reflective writing emerges with a sort of amplified luminosity. The two pianists play as one, matching their tones expertly and with a unanimity of attack that borders on the supernatural; they have an equal aptitude for prestidigitation, too. (...) A most splendid disc, recorded at demonstration quality. Berlinskaya and Ancelle leave us wanting more. One for the Want List, methinks"

Diapason (France) - July 2019

Jérôme Bastianelli

"Following on from their previous recordings, Arthur Ancelle and Ludmila Berlinskaya approach these works with clarity and panache, doing justice to the slightest changes in climate, avoiding both the pitfalls of thick pathos as much as those of unambiguous brilliance."

Resmusica (France) - June 2019

Benedict Hevry

"Nikolai Medtner's Two Pieces Op. 58, composed in exile in London during the Second World War, find here their reference version (...) Under the duo's expert fingers, the finesse of the polyphonic work unravels the most complex sound strings with an exacerbation of the colours of both keyboards. (...) to be acquired as a priority."

Classica (France) - June 2019

Olivier Bellamy

A 4 pages long report by renowned journalist Olivier Bellamy after he spent a few days in Moscow with Ludmila and Arthur ; the report is focused on Ludmila's relationship with Sviatoslav Richter

Vesti Nijni-Novgorod (Russia) - April 2019

Video report on the concert in Nijni-Novgorod Philharmonic Hall on April 15th

Libération (France) - April 2019

Guillaume Tion

"Arthur Ancelle and Ludmila Berlinskaya are on fire once again (...) These two complement each other perfectly and find step by step a common path where they flourish in mirror. »

Musical Life Magazine (Russia) - March 2019

Vladimir Zisman

"The ensemble mastery of the Berlinskaya-Ancelle duo was absolutely amazing and led the audience to the greatest admiration. The unity of stroke, phrase, sound, rhythm was amazing. And the tempo changes, in particular in the Suite of Rachmaninoff were so logical that it seemed that it was not a problem for the performers at all to make all these accelerando and meno mosso together." (France) - March 2019

Christian Lorandin

"These thousand personal qualities, united by a formidable technique, give rise to one of the most brilliant and endearing piano duets of today. (...) The work flourishes in all its climates, nostalgic and dreamy, bubbling and passionate, dark and intense; the inner voices are illuminated, the architecture solid, the paroxysms reached."

Fanfare (USA) - March/April 2019

Peter J. Rabinowitz

"As for the interpretations, they play with intelligence, panache, and unerring coordination (...) The composer’s versionhas a delicious swing and an intoxicating sense of back-and-forth between the pianists. And the composite revel brings the disc to a breathtaking close. (...) the final track may well become one of your party favorites"

Badische Zeitung (Germany) - February 2019

Alexander Dick

"The two soloists Ludmila Berlinskaia and Arthur Ancelle share this mood for playing and enchant in their incredibly dense interaction with extreme precision in technique and articulation - as if the four hands belonged to one body. Especially swirling, by the way, with the encore - the "Snowflakes" from the jazz suite of the Russian jazz pioneer Alexander Tsfasman."

Klassik Begeistert (Germany) - February 2019

Leah Biebert

"The emphasis on phrases in the piano is expressive, but does not seem overloaded; surprising accents in the percussion repeatedly break through the dreamy ductus of the second movement. The pianists of the duo Berlinskaia Ancelle pass the phrases from hand to hand almost unnoticed - both the deliberately calm of the second movement and the rebellious shimmering of the third.
Ludmila Berlinskaya plays expressively, her hands whirling over the keys to hear the castanets. She almost rises from her stool, throws her head aside and her hands in the air. Arthur Ancelle on the other side seems less excited and radiates a pleasant calm even in lively passages."

Paris Capitale (France) - February 2019

Michel Doussot

An interview of the Duo in one of Paris' most fashionable magazines

Ouest France - January 2019

Vincent Cressard

"The repertoire for two pianos is little known to the public. Accomplices in life as well as on the stage, soloists Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle have chosen, for several years, to make shine these demanding compositions on two keyboards. With "Belle Epoque", the first album in a series devoted to the original repertoire for two pianos, the Franco-Russian duo plunges us into the heart of French music. (...) The perfect harmony of the duo opens a world where the two instruments become one."

Gramophone (UK) - December 2018

Jeremy Nicholas

"In the March 2017 issue it was a pleasure to give a warm welcome to a recital from this husband-and-wife duo featuring the first recording of Saint-Saëns’s arrangement for two pianos of Liszt’s mighty B minor Sonata. They follow this with a second highly engaging and resourceful two-piano programme. (...) Here the war is referred to both obliquely and directly in all three movements, given a bold and characterful outing by the Russian duo"

artamag (France) - December 2018

Jean-Charles Hoffelé

"the cycle is much more ambiguous than it seems at first, Ludmila Berlisnkaya and Arthur Ancelle scrutinize the tiny shadows, the suspended lyricism, the unforgettable and fugitive melodies, the three beats dancing at the edge of the volcano, illuminating the comprehension of the musical text with a definitive art of piano playing (...) Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle restore in their worrying keyboards the abyss where resonate the lost calls of the bugles wandering on the battlefield, requiem of sounds finely incarnated."

Musicweb-international - December 2018

Stuart Sillitoe

"This is not the first disc by the Ancelle Berlibskaya piano duo that I have, and I am sure that it won’t be the last (...) they give some marvellous performances (...) The performances are very good throughout, with the swifter tempos of Ancelle and Berlinskaya often helping (...) The sound on the whole is also very good, as are the booklet notes, making this a very attractive and welcome addition to my collection ; highly recommended."

Interdit d'Interdire (France) - December 2018

Frédéric Taddeï

Ludmila & Arthur are part of the TV show on Russia Today Tv channel, to talk about "Belle Epoque"

International Piano (UK) - December 2018

Colin Clarke

"Here is a disc that is effervescent with joy from the off (...) Berlinskaya and Ancelle's pianism is fluent and sensitive (...) Debussy's En Blanc et Noir is the most famous piece here, given a superbly intelligent reading that breathes its own rarified air. A most interesting release"