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France Musique - June 2022

Clément Rochefort (Générations France Musique)

Ludmila & Arthur perform Bizet, Ravel, Gershwin and Tsfasman live on France Musique's saturday show "Générations France Musique"

RFI (France) - June 2022

Yasmine Chouaki (En Sol Majeur)

Ludmila Berlinskaya is the guest of Yasmine Chouaki, who makes her sound portrait in her program "En sol majeur".

RFI (France) - March 2022

Carmen Lunsmann

Interview of the duo by Carmen Lunsmann on French international radio RFI, about Gershwin - Tsfasman

Radio România Muzical (Romania) - March 2022

Larisa Clempuş

"CD review" radio show on Radio România Muzical is dedicated to Gershwin / Tsfasman

France Musique - February 2022

Philippe Cassard (Portraits de famille)

"What a thrill to listen to such a record, it is exhilarating, it is played in such a beautiful way, with a flame, an energy, a virtuosity, a brio but also a lot of charm, a lot of elegance, never bad taste (...) Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle who are, for years now, one of the greatest piano duos existing on this planet."

RCF (France) - February 2022

Jacques Nouvier

Presentation of the Gershwin - Tsfasman album in the "Tous mélomanes" radio show

France Musique - February 2022

Emilie Munéra, Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier

Gershwin - Tsfasman is the "record of the day" in the program "En pistes" on France Musique

Radio Classique (France) - February 2022

Jean-Michel Dhuez

Jean-Michel Dhuez interviews the duo in Le Journal du Classique, on the occasion of the release of Gershwin-Tsfasman and the duo's concert at Salle Gaveau.

France Inter - January 2022

Stéphane Capron

Stéphane Capron tells a wide audience about the Gershwin - Tsfasman recording and interviews Ludmila and Arthur.

France Musique - January 2022

Emilie Munéra - Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier

Gershwin-Tsfasman is introduced in "En pistes", the show dedicated to new releases.

BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom) - January 2022

Emily MacGregor and Andrew McGregor

In a round-up of the best classical new releases, Emily MacGregor expresses her enthusiasm about her new discovery : the music of Alexander Tsfasman, in the Gershwin - Tsfasman album

Musiq3 RTBF (Belgium) - January 2022

Nicolas Blanmont

Gershwin - Tsfasman is Nicolas Blanmont's "coup de coeur" among new releases

Musiq3 RTBF (Belgium) - January 2022

Caroline Veyt

Presentation of "Ma Boîte à Musique" in the "Outside for Christmas" program on the belgian radio.

RFI (France) - December 2021

Marjorie Bertin

Radio interview of the duo by Marjorie Bertin about their latest release with Didier Jeunesse : Ma boîte à musique.
(listen replay/podcast from 44:35)

Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Germany) - August 2021

Broadcast of the concert given at the Husum Klavierraritäten Festival on August 21st, 2021

NPO Radio 4 (Netherlands) - July 2021

Radio broadcast of concerts given in Februari Festival July 2nd, 2021

Radio Orpheus (Russia) - March 2021

Yossi Tavor

Interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya in "Tavor v Majore" show on Radio Orpheus

Radio Vinci Autoroutes (France) - October 2020

Charlotte Latour

As part of "Itinéraires Dièse", a series of podcasts intended to accompany people's road traveling, Ludmila tells about the roots and evolution of russian music, while illustrating it right away on the piano.

Radio Vinci Autoroutes (France) - September 2020

Charlotte Latour

Interview of Ludmila & Arthur about the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival

Radio Rossii (Russia) - August 2020

Ludmila Osipova

Ludmila Osipova interviews Ludmila Berlinskaya about La Clé des Portes Festival