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Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Germany) - August 2021

Broadcast of the concert given at the Husum Klavierraritäten Festival on August 21st, 2021

NPO Radio 4 (Netherlands) - July 2021

Radio broadcast of concerts given in Februari Festival July 2nd, 2021

Radio Orpheus (Russia) - March 2021

Yossi Tavor

Interview of Ludmila Berlinskaya in "Tavor v Majore" show on Radio Orpheus

Radio Vinci Autoroutes (France) - October 2020

Charlotte Latour

As part of "Itinéraires Dièse", a series of podcasts intended to accompany people's road traveling, Ludmila tells about the roots and evolution of russian music, while illustrating it right away on the piano.

Radio Vinci Autoroutes (France) - September 2020

Charlotte Latour

Interview of Ludmila & Arthur about the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival

Radio Rossii (Russia) - August 2020

Ludmila Osipova

Ludmila Osipova interviews Ludmila Berlinskaya about La Clé des Portes Festival

France Musique - July 2020

Charlotte Landru-Chandès

Ludmila Berlinskaya tells about La Clé des Portes' 8th edition

RCF (France) - July 2020

Elric Huguet du Lorin

Interview of Ludmila & Arthur about La Clé des Portes festival

RCF (France) - July 2020

Lorane Berna

Lorane Berna receives Ludmila & Arthur to talk about La Clé des Portes Festival

Radio Orpheus (Russia) - February 2020

Alexander Vaskin

Ludmila Berlinskaya & Arthur Ancelle are the guests of "Evening Improvisations" on Radio Orpheus, about Valentin Berlinsky and their tour in Russia.

France Musique - February 2020

Jean-Baptiste Urbain

Ludmila & Arthur are the guests of morning show "La Matinale" 

France Musique - November 2018

Lionel Esparza

Lionel Esparza and his guests discuss the latest album release with a cocktail at the Hotel Bedford in Paris for France Musique's "Classic Club"

Radio RCF - October 2018

Bernard Niedda

Bernard Niedda interviews the Duo about "Belle Epoque"

France Musique - October 2018

Clément Rochefort

Ludmila Berlinskaya & Arthur Ancelle perform live on France Musique some excerpts of their "Belle Epoque" album, as part of the "Générations France Musique" show.

Radio Vinci Autoroute - October 2018

Charlotte Latour

Charlotte Latour interviews the Duo about their "Belle Epoque" album


Portraits de famille

Philippe Cassard is enthusiastic about Arthur Ancelle's Haydn : « It had been a long time since I had not heard Haydn played this way ... A voluble, sparkling, fine, extremely lively and mobile playing, we let ourselves be carried away by this intoxication of the arabesque, of the unexpected, it really is theater here, and this way he has, full of irony, to bring out characters, with the bend of an accent or a silence … »


Classic Club

Who better than Haydn can celebrate music on June 21st ?


Signature Musicale

Arthur Ancelle tells Claire de Castellane about Haydn



Marc Portehaut and Arthur Ancelle talk about Haydn


Les grands entretiens V

Fifth part of Corinne Schneider's "Les Grands Entretiens" about Ludmila Berlinskaya