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Opus Klassiek (Netherlands) - July 2024

Aart van der Wal

"In short, I cannot imagine a more appealing album and better interpretations, nor a better recording as well as an even better cared for grand piano!"

Resmusica (France) - June 2024

Benedict Hévry

"The Ludmila Berlinskaya - Arthur Ancelle duo has published this sunny and delightful four-hand French piano recital on Alpha (...) This new recording is a pure and delicious delight (...) But this disc is worth listening to above all for its heady and enchanting interpretations, shrouded in an impalpable poetry of the moment, a real and playful pleasure, a tender and original way of breathing in music, in the complicit intimacy of four hands crossed at the whim of the keyboard. (...) This is an anthology of superlative quality, thanks to the accuracy of the choice of works, the detailed finish of the poetic and meticulous interpretations, and the almost perfect stylistic match of our duettists to each of the different works."

Musikzen (France) - May 2024

Franck Mallet

"Fauré's Dolly hums between tenderness and amusement, while Ravel's Ma mère l'Oye is more serious and spare, and this is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished interpretations, with its profusion of color and extraordinary sense of dynamics. (...) Everything breathes and lights up in this eighth album by the Berlinskaja - Ancelle Duo."

International Piano (UK) - May 2024

Jed Distler

" The pianists manage to fuse finesse and heartiness in ways that make their performances sound fresh. (...) Their Debussy Petite suite counts among this work’s most supple and poetic recorded interpretations. (...) Fauré’s Dolly suite also receives as vividly characterised an interpretation as one could wish, replete with an appreciable kick to the concluding hard-hitting accents in ‘Le pas espagnol’. Eloquence, simplicity and subtle tonal shadings make Ravel’s Ma Mère l’Oye appear to play itself. (...) Four-hand fanciers will certainly want this enchanting and highly recommendable release."

Le Monde (France) - April 2024

Marie-Aude Roux

"Finesse, homogeneity and free imagination run through these four-hand pages, whose eternal freshness owes as much to the touch as to the heart of those who play them."

Gramophone (UK) - April 2024

Jeremy Nicholas

“Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle are a formidably well-equipped duo (...) It goes without saying that the duo’s ensemble precision is second to none. Their characterisation of each piece is as witty, charming or spirited as need be”

RCF (France) - April 2024

Bernard Niedda

"Passage Secret” is Bernard Niedda's favorite album of the week

Scherzo (Spain) - April 2024

Ana García Urcola

"The album is absolutely delightful and the duo demonstrates a mastery of sound, of the pedal, of the transitions between one and the other, of the attacks, of the dosage of dynamics and of the tonal timbre. What a pleasure to listen to Bizet's Jeux d'enfants interpreted with such subtlety, or Debussy's Petite suite, with such grace and delicacy. We could not miss the essential and precious Dolly suite by Fauré (brilliant and full of sunshine that Pas espagnol) nor, of course, Ma mèrel'Oye in a version that does not pretend to emulate the orchestral version, but explores the timbre possibilities of the piano to its last corners providing a renewed and colorful vision (fantastic those Entretiens de la Belle et la Bête) with a masterful use of the pedal. A very interesting work by the little known Louis Aubert (...) closes this little jewel."

Fono Forum (Germany) - April 2024

Gregor Willmes

"An album that puts you in a good mood (...) And when they are interpreted as virtuosically and with as much tonal sophistication as here, the little character pieces turn out to be great art. Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle have the right lightness for this repertoire, layering wonderful harmonies on top of each other, against which delicate melodies emerge. The cantabile quality of their playing is impressive. Melancholic echoes never become sentimental. (...) A real enrichment of the repertoire!" (France) - March 2024

Hannah Starman

"a moment of pure joy (...) Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle defend this unique repertoire with rare talent and energy (...) Berlinskaya and Ancelle give us these two readings. They are both children who squabble, exchange winks and touch hands, and demanding musicians attentive to every detail of this work of musical goldsmithery. (...) A brilliant burst of laughter in music, perfectly executed by the impeccably coordinated duo (...) A delight!"

Classykeo (France) - March 2024

José Pons

"The artistic and human bond between Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle seems ideal. The energy of the latter is matched by the delicacy of the former, both at the service of a technique that is certainly highly mastered, but always imbued with poetry and sensitivity."

Classica (France) - March 2024

Michel Le Naour

CHOC de Classica
"The liveliness of tone and mischievousness not devoid of humor, the airy fluidity, the homogeneity of timbre, the poetic tenderness and voluptuousness testify to a constantly awakening imagination (...) The inventiveness that prevails throughout this musical journey straddling the worlds of children and adults is a constant source of wonder."

France Inter - March 2024

Stéphane Capron

Interview of the Duo in France's biggest morning show

France Musique - March 2024

Clément Rochefort

Ludmila Berlinskaya & Arthur Ancelle perform live in "Générations France Musique"

France Musique - March 2024

Aurélie Moreau

"genius, brilliant, fabulous, magnificent" duo: Aurelie Moreau has no shortage of superlatives to describe the Berlinskaya - Ancelle duo in her program "Stars du Classique".

Les Échos (France) - March 2024

Philippe Venturini

"The duo of Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle move through this tender, naive universe with unmistakable grace, an acute sense of narrative, a delicate touch at all times, and an ad hoc sense of humor."

Diapason (France) - February 2024

Jérôme Bastianelli

5 Diapasons
"a rejuvenating cure and a lesson in beautiful piano playing"

Concertclassic (France) - February 2024

Frédéric Hutman

Interview of the duo regarding the new album "Passage Secret"

Artamag (France) - February 2024

Jean-Charles Hoffelé

"my favorite piano duo (...) The alternately trumpeting and tender mischief of Jeux d'enfants, the very Île-de-France whimsy of Petite suite (...) the tenderness of Dolly and the irresistible drive of her Pas espagnol, so brilliantly flown here, Louis Aubert's rare Feuille d'Images, full of otherworldly sound, (...) all of them, however formidable, must take a back seat to their Ma mère l'Oye, that Pavane de la Belle bois dormant so sad, that Petit Poucet turning back so quickly, these grand theatrical Pagodes with a mystery at their center, this dreamlike Garden, all setting this lightly touched waltz of Les Entretiens de la Belle et de la Bête, noble and sentimental just as it should be."

Musiq3 (Belgium) - February 2024

Pierre Solot

"Passage Secret" is the "Musical Choice" of Belgian radio Musiq3
"Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle, a duo of lovers, enchant these famous cycles of French music (Bizet's Jeux d'enfants, Debussy's Petite Suite, Ravel's Ma mère l'Oye and Gabriel Fauré's Dolly) with a perfect fusion of their playing. [...] This is what Ludmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ancelle reveal to us, an orchestra with a thousand spurts, but also a piano that tells, that tells the stories of a boat, a spinning top, Laideronnette or Dolly's Garden, as a mother would tell them, at the edge of bed, before giving in to the mists of sleep"