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Musiq3 RTBF (Belgium) - January 2022

Caroline Veyt

Presentation of "Ma Boîte à Musique" in the "Outside for Christmas" program on the belgian radio.

Pianiste (France) - December 2021

Elsa Fottorino

"The two excellent pianists Arthur Ancelle and Ludmila Berlinskaya have selected a selection of short pieces that will delight the ears of young children."

Resmusica (France) - December 2021

Agnès Simon

"The talented couple has taken from their favorite repertoire, works of which they give interpretations that are both polished and full of character. (...) Let the subtitle (Little classical masterpieces for my baby) not be misleading, this CD book is for all children. Here is a very nice music box to be placed under the tree without hesitation."

RFI (France) - December 2021

Marjorie Bertin

Radio interview of the duo by Marjorie Bertin about their latest release with Didier Jeunesse : Ma boîte à musique.
(listen replay/podcast from 44:35)