Chopin / Dutilleux
Melodiya, 2016

Chopin / Dutilleux
Arthur Ancelle celebrates Henri Dutilleux' 100th anniversary

Chopin : 4 Ballades
Dutilleux : Piano Sonata
Dutilleux : 3 Preludes

Recorded at the first studio of State House of broadcasting and recording

Sound engineer : Jean-Martial Golaz

The anecdote : Arthur Ancelle had suffered a double wrist fracture less than three months before the recording. He had to envelop his wrist with ice between every take.


Jed Distler

« The taut, line-oriented pianism throughout Arthur Ancelle's Chopin Ballades purges decades worth of expressive clichés from these over-recorded scores »


Jean-Charles Hoffelé

« Is Arthur Ancelle one of the new heroes of the French piano I am hoping and waiting for ? This recording answers : yes. »


Alexander Kulikov

« The greatest achievement of this album, which truly reaches summits of intention and playing, is in our opinion Dutilleux’s Sonata. […] Arthur Ancelle’s interpretation is a revelation to the modern listener […]. One marvels at the fineness of the sound : for each theme, the pianist finds new colors, masterfully plays with timbres, subtly underlines the dynamics. […] The most important quality of Ancelle’s record is the exceptional emotions saturation and depth of interpretation […] In general, this disc can be considered one of the best among all existing records of Dutilleux’s Sonata, and Arthur Ancelle should be seen as a musician born to interpret the music of the french composer. The music of Dutilleux is associated on that album to a full cycle of Chopin’s ballads. […] The pianist managed to find his own style of interpretation […]. Given the great artistic taste of the interpreter you can be sure he will be able to pave the way to a unique interpretation of Chopin. »
  • 4 étoiles Classica
  • Pianiste Maestro
  • Album de l'année Le Monde