Scriabin 1915/2015
Melodiya, 2015

Scriabin 1915/2015
Ludmila Berlinskaya pays tribute to Alexander Scriabin

Various pieces from op. 11, 30, 32, 45, 47, 52, 56, 68, 72 including Sonatas n° 4 and n° 9, and pieces by Boris Pasternak and Julian Scriabin.

Recorded in Moscow at the First Studio of State House of broadcasting and recording
Sound engineer : Jean-Martial Golaz

The anecdote : Scriabin is probably Ludmila Berlinskaya's dearest composer


Roger Blackburn

« On the evidence of this CD, Ludmila Berlinskaya joins Sudbin at the top of the list of my great Scriabin interpreters. […] Berlinskaya has something extra, really getting to the very heart of music. She has the technique and imagination to produce an incredible variety of textures […]. »


Ernst Van Beck

« This sumptuous Scriabin recital […] affirms a sparkling playing, the interior of a fiery interpreter concerned with measuring and poetic accuracy: Ludmila Berlinskaya. »


Alexander Kulikov

« Her album may be considered, in the Russian tradition, as the newest vision of Scriabin’s piano works. […] The fact that the pianist has managed to develop her own personal style is of particular value, and a quality that is so rarely found in our contemporary artists. Her style is inseparable from a brillant mastery of rubato and a subtle play on the colors of the dynamics. The pianist builds in a consistent and continued manner her musical thought in great forms. The Fourth and Ninth Sonatas leave a particularly convincing impression and belong without any doubt to the interpreter’s great artistic achievements. She confers unusual depth and richness to the preludes op. 11, too often treated lightly and simplified. »
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