Melodiya, 2017

Beethoven : Sonata n°30 op. 109 in E major
Medtner : Sonata Reminiscenza op. 38 n° 1 in A minor
Schumann : Kreisleriana op. 16
Ravel : Valses Nobles et Sentimentales

Ludmila Berlinskaya, piano

Recorded at the Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory
Sound Engineer : Maria Soboleva

The anecdote : Ludmila Berlinskaya recorded here some of the masterpieces that counted the most in her musical life. "Each of the four pieces on this disc ends pianissimo, not to scare the reminiscences away..."


Ingo Harden

« There is mature audacity, in which factual fantasy and accuracy, emphasis and simplicity are impressively combined. Berlinskaya's play convinces from the first Beethoven bars on with a fine modeling of the musical event, which gives their play an unmistakable character: serious, clear without any pedal fog, strictly on the text and yet interpreting it delicately with a lot of imagination. (...) She also managed to play without the slightest artistic weakness the sonata of Medtner, title of the album, and Opus 16 of Schumann; (...) Ravel's "noble and sentimental Waltzes" are particularly striking for me personally: Berlinskaya performs it without the usual mixture of demonstrative tidiness and sentiment thus she manages to bring out all the more clearly their harmonious and artistic perfection. Great, sustainably impressive interpretive art. »


Frédérick Casadesus

« While listening to this beautiful disc, a music lover has the right to invent a better world, to believe it at least. Beethoven, Schumann, and Ravel? a ball of excellence. (...) Berlinskaya? A river with gleams of diamond »


Aurélie Moreau

« Open heart confession.
With works that have played an important role in her life, Ludmila Berlinskaya immerses us in the purest emotion (...) the most beautiful of speeches is that of Ludmila Berlinskaia's piano: a pure enchantment »
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