Friday the 13th

Dear friends,
we would like to express our warmest wishes to all of you for 2017 !
May it be a year of daily joy, and love !  May each one of us find happiness in creative energy and generosity !

You shall have noticed that we failed sending our newsletter since October - it's been a hectic time, with a lot of travel, concerts and even moving to a new house !

Why Friday the 13th : this date, symbol of luck or misfortune, depending on one's superstition, was the official release date of our new album in many countries.

Last fall was extremely busy for Ludmila : recitals in France, presentation of our album in Moscow, a lot of chamber music...
Ludmila and the New Russian Quartet performed 2 quintets and 2 sextets with Igor Fedorov in Moscow Conservatory, live recorded by Melodiya and to be released next spring ! Among which the bewitching quintets of Medtner and Shostakovich...

Ludmila's last recital in Paris on November 4th was a huge success and widely relayed by the press ; among the reviews, Bachtrack gave it a 5 stars : "There are rare and precious persons who managed to keep from their youth the enthusiasm, the freshness and the joy (...) Ludmila Berlinskaya playing Scriabin... Jewel ! Moment of pure wonder !"

We had never experienced such a promotional campaign until now : starting with the celebration of Ludmila's birthday live on France Musique, up to one of the most popular programs on Europe 1, there wasn't a day without our new album on the French radio for the past 2 weeks ! Radio ClassiqueFrance Culture, Fréquence Protestante, Radio Vinci AutoroutesRCJ honored us with interviews and prime time broadcasts !

The new album has been incredibly well received so far by the French press : awards it a "CLIC" and Alban Deags honors it with a long review :"Unforgettable duet : and if the Berlinskaya / Ancelle simply was the most exciting of the current stage ?"
Libération dedicates a long article with both a review and an interview of the duet ; the infamous Guillaume Tion describes : "The interpretation is (...) carried away in the fusion of two entities into a single pianist, a "Ludmilur Ancelskaya" relaxed in power and precise in lightness"
- For Alain Cochard, in his review for, "their recording is dazzling with blast, depth and legibility !"
Frédérick Casadesus offers a serial for Mediapart in 3 episodes : "When we listen to these two artists, we are happy: their understanding, the lyricism they show, give us hope. Yes, the world can be better."

Many journalists were curious to hear the legendary B minor Liszt Sonata, in that version for 2 pianos by Camille Saint-Saëns !
The Salle Cortot was completely full on January 10th, Ludmila fell down one hour before the concert and suffered from a severe sprain doubled with a small fracture of her left foot...
Alexandre Sorel for Pianiste Magazine reviews the concert with "Masterful duet !"
La Lettre du Musicien discovers this interpretation of the Liszt Sonata : "inspired Andante, electrifying fugue, mystical exaltation of the themes !"
- while Manuel Gaulhiac speaks of "An exceptional complicity between the two pianists", "A homogeneity rarely equaled in two-pianos" enable to re-discover Liszt Sonata thanks to the duet "whose interpretation renews the vision of the piece."